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About the Teconnex Band Clamp:
The Teconnex Band Clamp is constructed as a flat strap, or a round band with a closure mechanism. In high pressure applications the Band Clamp features an internal profiled sealing ring.
Band Clamps can be utilised in a wide variety of hose sealing and retaining applications:

- Clamping flexible hoses to solid pipes
- Connecting sections of exhaust systems
- Strapping groups of pipe work
- Replacing worm drive clips and clamps

Our Band Clamps are designed to operate safely under conditions of stress including pressure, vibration, corrosion and temperature variation. With the capability to withstand high tightening torques, designed to suit the application, both standard and heavy duty clamps are available.

Band Clamps can be supplied with integrated mounting brackets to assist with equipment support or location.

Teconnex has the product portfolio and experience in both engineering and manufacturing to specify high quality and cost effective products to suit the work environments of our customers.

Diameter range
25mm to 3,000mm
Other diameters can be offered
  Band Clamp Shapes
Bespoke Band Clamp shapes are available upon request.
Temperature rating
Up to 900°C
  Closure styles
Over 50 closure styles available
Pressure rating
High pressure solutions available
  Mounting Brackets
Bespoke to suit customer design
Stainless Steel 300 Series
Stainless Steel 400 Series
Stainless Steel & Inconel
Aircraft Grade Aluminium

304, 316
409, 441
A286, 625, 718

  Strap thickness
0.6mm to 1.6mm (others available on request)

Strap width
19mm to 32mm (others available on request)