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Applications, Design & Development

DesignAs applications  become more demanding requiring higher temperatures, increased stresses, and zero leakage. We keep ahead of these requirements by utilising the latest techniques and technologies to develop new products and designs that have gone through a robust design, development, test and validation process.

This ensures that we are delivering market leading, products, solutions and technologies that meet not only current but also future legislation and industry directives.

We have a strong 3D CAD background, where designs are formulated using calculation, analysis, and simulation tools. These are supported by the latest FEA/CFD techniques where necessary and backed by practical results from both our in house and external testing facilities.

Our global design and applications engineering team have vast experience in Industrial and Automotive engineering, having a complete understanding of the requirements, working parameters, and operating conditions of every clamp and joint solution. We work hand in hand with our customers to develop technically robust and cost effective products.


Similarly, our team will undertake a full system assessment and commit to troubleshooting  where competitor solutions may have failed.