Teconnex - FAQs

Jointing Solutions


What is a clamp?

A clamp is a piece of jointing technology that is used to hold two objects together at their ends. One of the most common clamp variations is the V-Clamp which features a v-shaped profile on its inside. The v-shaped profile is put around two (mostly circular) flanges, pulling them together.

The V-Clamp is used as an alternative to the bolted flange and results in a much lighter, easier to fit and maintain as well as space-saving joint. Due to the V-Clamps ability to wrap around the flange profile it gives a more consistent axial load to the joint when compared to a bolted flange joint.

By taking advantage of the wide choice of clamp deigns and closing mechanisms, V-Clamps can function reliably and safely under conditions involving stress, vibration, corrosion and temperature variation. Teconnex can offer an extensive range of clamp profiles and manufactures V-Clamps from 35mm to 3m in diameter and beyond.

Do you have a standard clamp?

In general, Teconnex manufactures to customer specifications only. There are however multiple standard piece parts that can be used to design a clamp suited to your application and needs.

Where do we send our enquiry?

Please forward your enquiry with as much information on your application, requirements and needs as possible to our Sales Team at sales@teconnex.com.

What information is required to produce a quotation?

Our Sales and Engineering Team needs as much information as possible to design and develop the best solution for your requirements and offer them at a fair price. To help you to define your requirements and to help us to identify the best clamp for your application and needs, please fill in one of our Application Data Sheets.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No, at Teconnex we are able to support your requirements, be it one or a million clamps per year.

Do you hold stock?

No, at Teconnex we manufacture to order.

What is your lead time to fulfil an order?

The lead time to complete an order depends on the individual order. In some cases, there might be a requirement for new tooling equipment which prolongs the lead time. In general, it can take between 4 and 26 weeks to acquire new tooling and between 2 to 8 weeks to manufacture the actual parts.


Teconnex will always offer the shortest lead time possible, based on the specific manufacturing requirements of the product required. Please contact us to confirm current lead times for any new or existing products.

What type of design, development and testing does Teconnex offer?

To ensure that our clamps meet all our customers’ expectations Teconnex utilizes a number of specialised processes during the design, development and testing of our products. Our engineers are equipped with the newest 3D CAD technology and will perform careful analysis (FEA, CFD) while engineering our products.

Before a product is released to manufacturing it is tested intensively through the various Teconnex in-house testing facilities or external resources. We make sure that the recommended SPC techniques are frequently used in test validation to overcome the natural variation found in the test environment.