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Clamp Rack The Filtration & Separation Industry is infinitely diverse, with specific separation solutions being developed across all sectors for a wide range of applications. Teconnex Limited work closely with Filtration & Separation OEM's to provide clamping solutions for many filtration applications, including:

- Filter housings
- Sieving screens
- Magnetic Separators
- Liquid / Solid separation
- Membrane Filters
- Replacement for existing bolted flange technology

Customers can select from either standard design or bespoke products, in all cases we ensure that parts meet customer specifications. With a vast portfolio of product variations to call on, we provide solutions that offer both, technical and commercial advantage.

Our clamps are manufactured to be reliable and robust, with a wide range of closure styles available, ensuring simple installations. Clamps can be supplied in a variety of Stainless Steel materials, and in natural, electro polished, or painted finishes.
Filtration and Separation Cast Lugs Filtration and Separation Band Clamp Filtration and Separation Hygienic Clamp Filtration and Separation Lever Clamp