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About Flanges
A clamp arrangment can be assembled in many different ways, but without a fitting flange a joint will not seal correctly. To fully support our customers requirements, Teconnex offers two options:

- Complete design, development, and volume manufacture of the joint assebmly.

- Design concept and development service for the flange or joint. The cosutmer will then manufacture and weld the flanges to their product or form them onto their pipe work.

Custom Flanges
Teconnex offer a range of flanges and flares supplied to suit the specific application at prototype or full production phases. Material selection is tailored to suit the operating conditions taking into account temperatures, pressures, fluid types, vibration, corrosion resistance, and life cycle.

Standard Flanges
Teconnex have a range of standard flanges, gaskets, and clamp assemblies that can be welded directly to the customers pipe work.
Diameter range
35mm to 1,500mm
Larger diameters can be offered
  Temperature rating
Up to 1,100ºC (gas temperatures)
Stainless Steel 300 Series
Stainless Steel 400 Series
Stainless Steel & Inconel
Aircraft Grade Aluminium
304, 316

409, 411
A286, 625, 718
  Pressure rating
Up to 200 bar
  Flange design
Standard and Bespoke designs available