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Flue & Ducting

Flue & Ducting The Flue & Ducting Industry requires reliable, corrosion resistant joining solutions that provide strength, durability, and simple installation. Applications include:

- Extraction
- Ventilation
- Condensers
- Chimney stacks
- Flues

Clamp solutions are supplied in either 304 or 316 Stainless Steel and cater for wet, dry, hot or cold working environments. A wide range of closure mechanisms give our customers tthe flexibility to select the product that best suits the installation.
Our commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience means that we will always provide the highest quality products that can be trusted to perform in the most testing conditions.
Flue & Durcting Band Clamp Flue & Durcting Band Clamp Flue & Durcting High Pressure Band Clamp Flue & Durcting Quick Coupler