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Gasket Group About Gaskets:

Teconnex have the experience to provide advice and support on the whole connecting joint rather than just the clamp, helping to ensure joint integrity.

A wide range of both profiled and flat seals and gaskets can be designed and manufactured to suit the specific application requirements. Material selction is tailored to suit the operating conditions, taking into account temperatures, pressures, fluid types, vibration, corrosion resistance, and life cycle.
Diameter range
35mm to 1,500mm
Other diameters available on request
  Temperature rating
Up to 1,100°C (gas temperatures)
EPDM, Viton, Graphite, Mica, metallic, graphite,
wire bound graphite and silicone

Other materials are available on request
  Pressure rating
Up to 200 bar
  Gasket profiles
Wide range of profiles available on request