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Power Generation   Teconnex work with worldwide manufacturer of Power Generation Systems for bot primary and secondary power suppliers. We are providing clamping soluutions to suit a range of applications including filter systems, exhaust assemblies, bellow connections, turbocharger integration, engine cooling systems, tank strapping, ducting, hose joining, and replacement of existing bolted flange technology.

The utilisation of V Clamp technology within air management, exhaust, and cooling system packages can assist equipment designers in saving space, fitting time and reducing overall system weight and cost, when compared to traditional bolted flange connections.
Helping to achieve leak free results, we assist a wide range of customers with cutting edge jointing solutions to develop new Power Generation system packages that meet current emission legislation.

Our design engineers consult with our customers on every step of the way to ensure that we are fully aware of the operating parameters, which allow us to carefully select the most suitable clamp style, manufacturing materials, and closure mechanism for every application.
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