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Aerospace Clamp About Aerospace Clamps:

Teconnex currently supplies a wide range of clamping and jointing solutions for the Aerospace Industry. Our in house engineering team and sales professionals will support the design and qualification process of any new product to completely satisfy customer demands.

Our qualified Aerospace products are designed to be light weight and high strength to meet the specifications and demands of an industry that requires and expects excellence.

Our clamps are normally manufactured to comply with specific customer performance and dimensional specifications, however Teconnex also have the flexibility to provide new concept or development designs.

Prototype parts can be manufactured in order to assist during the evaluation and testing process of new parts.
Diameter range
35mm to 1,500mm
Larger diameters available upon request
  Closure styles
Over 50 different closure styles available
Temperature rating
Up to 1,100ºC (gas temperatures)
  Standard segment profiles
400 segment profiles available
Pressure rating
Up to 200 bar
  Flange tip width range
4mm to 22mm
Stainless Steel 300 Series
Stainless Steel 400 Series
Stainless Steel & Inconel
Aircraft Grade Aluminium
301, 304, 316
409, 441
A286, 625, 718
  Flange depth range
3.5mm to 20mm
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