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About the Teconnex Slip Joint:
The Teconnex Slip Joint has been developed to be a solution to connection problems in high temperature gas exhaust applications. Slip Joints are designed to require as few component parts as possible, reducing fitting time, overall weight and cost when compared to bolted or welded flange assemblies.

Our Slip Joint technology is utilised within EPA2010, EURO 6 and Tier IVF compliant systems where it reduces stress on compensators and bellows.
The Teconnex Slip Joint provides a zero leakage solution (Gas, Urea and Diesel) while not requiring any additional gaskets or welding operations.

The assembly is comprised of:
1. Sliding catch flange (Slip Flare)
2. V Clamp
3. Trapezoidal seal

The Teconnex Slip Joint is also suitable for systems where joint installation is complicated as it can accept some axial and radial misalignment of mating pipes. The customer provides one pipe as a plain end and the other as a flared end - the Slip Joint is then simply installed as shown in the diagram below.
Slip Joint Assembly Step 2 Slip Joint Assembly Step 2   Slip Joint Assembly Step 3 Slip Joint Assembly Step 4
Diameter range
35mm to 349mm (1.4" to 13.75")
  Segment profiles
Dependent on application 
Temperature rating
Up to 750°C (Gas temperatures)
  Closure styles
Over 50 different closure styles available
Pressure rating
Dependant on application
  Gasket material
To suit the application
Stainless Steel 300 Series
Stainless Steel 400 Series

304, 316
409, 441