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Spherical Joint

Spherical Joint About the Teconnex Spherical Joint:
The Spherical Joint is Teconnex solution for applications where small amounts of angular misalignment need to be tolerated. With the ability to compensate for up to 2 degree of angular misalignment, Spherical Joints are often used in exhaust gas applications to correct manufacturing tolerances in pipe work.

The joint is deisgned to be light weight and easy to install with a minimum number of component parts. The allowable movement is achieved through the careful design of flanges and flare with a specialist V Clamp assembly.

It is also possible and common to use a Spherical Joint in conjunction with a Slip Joint to eliminate any stress or pre tensioning of bellows or compensators within an exhaust after treatment system  
Spherical Joint Assembly Spherical Joint Misalignment  
Diameter range
35mm to 350mm
Others available on request
  Standard segment profiles
10 segment profiles available
Temperature rating
1,100°C (gas temperature)
  Closure styles
Over 50 different closure styles available

Pressure rating
Up to 200 bar

  Flange depth range
7mm to 20mm 
Stainless Steel 300 Series
Stainless Steel 400 Series
Stainless Steel & Inconel

304, 316
409, 441
A286, 625, 718
  Flange top width range
4mm to 15mm