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About V Clamps:

V Clamps (also known as V Band Clamps) consist of a series of profiled segments welded within an outer strap and are of fabricated construction.

Teconnex have a vast portfolio of over 5000  V Clamp part numbers to call on, we are able to provide the best technical and commercial solution for every application.

Where a clamp is likely to need to be removed on a regular basis there are several methods of achieving this without having to undo the bolt or nut. The most popular are the quick coupler, bolted latch, and lever styles.

Why Use Clamp Technology:

A jointing system that utilises clamp technology will always require less working space and provide a reduction in overall weight when compared to traditional bolted flange systems.

Clamp technology reduces system assembly time in initial build programs and during future maintenance 


Outline Specification options:

Diameter Range:

35mm to 1500mm (other diameters can be offered)                     

Standard Segment Profiles:

400 segment profiles available 

Closure styles:

Over 50 different Closure Styles Available

Pressure Rating:

Up to 200 bar

Temperature Rating:

Up to 1100 degrees C (Gas Temperatures)

Flange Tip Width Range:

4mm to 22mm

Materials of Construction:

Stainless Steel 300 Series    304, 316

Stainless Steel 400 Series   409, 441

Stainless Steel & Inconel    A286,  625, 718

Flange Depth Range:

3.5mm to 20mm